Our Mission

We take care of all genomically underserved cancer patients… all cancer patients left behind by expensive and slow laboratory testing.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death…

and molecular genetic testing identifying therapeutic targets can significantly improve survival. However, molecular diagnostics from cancer tissue by sequencing requires high complexity laboratories, and is only available to a limited number of patients due to high cost and lack of access to molecular testing.

Precision medicine, targeted therapy and clinical trial enrollment require molecular genetic testing to determine appropriate therapy. Currently, only 20% of patients in the US and only 2% of patients globally receive molecular testing of their cancers.

This limits patients’ ability to receive targeted therapy and ability to enroll in clinical trials.

IGX will bring precision diagnostics to every cancer patient in the world. 

By leveraging our proprietary AI and an extensive dataset, Imagenomix AI platform predicts driver mutations for treatment or clinical trials within minutes rather than weeks- using computational rather than wet-lab-based techniques. Our platform will provide access to therapeutics for every cancer patient, saving time, money and lives for patients, hospitals, and clinical trials alike.  

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