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New Startup Imagenomix Launches to Improve Access to Cancer Testing

Source: NYU Langone Health
Technology Opportunities & Ventures

TOV is excited to announce the launch of Imagenomix, a new startup that aims to deliver rapid and affordable cancer diagnostic results through advanced AI capabilities so patients receive effective, targeted treatments for their specific cancer type…


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A.I. technology is diagnosing brain tumors in record time

Source: NBC News

Dr. Akshay Syal takes us to NYU Langone Health where new A.I. technology is diagnosing brain tumors in record time, which opens the doors to possible new life-saving treatments.


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Imagenomix Corp Selected for the AWS Health Equity Initiative

Source: Imagenomix + AWS

Imagenomix Corp will receive computing credits and technical expertise from Amazon Web Services to further validate the IGX Predict AI Assay  for launch with pharma partners to develop cancer mutational cancer screening for targeted therapies.


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