Cancer Genetics from Every Image

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AI Recognition Software


Patients are not receiving targeted therapy due to time, cost, and lack of tissue…

Hospitals have limited access to cancer testing. Imagenomix solves these global issues by enhancing trial enrollment and creating access to targeted therapy.


Oncologists need answers in days not weeks. IGX AI solves this Multi-Billion dollar global problem.

IGX technology is based research studies that show we can provide diagnostic information in minutes vs weeks.

Less Expensive

High cost limits access to molecular cancer testing which limits targeted therapy.

AI enables affordable genomic testing for ALL cancer patients. Improving clinical management and access to precision medicine.

Easier to use:

26% of cancer samples are insufficient for traditional testing. IGX AI can be run on 100% of confirmed cancer cases.

Imagenomix AI can be run on any cancer slide anywhere in the world. 

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