Finding patients for clinical trials

We observe recurring patterns in the process of recruiting patients for clinical trials:

  1. Excessive expenditure
  2. Time inefficiencies
  3. Impending failure

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: Overcoming the Patient Enrollment Challenge

The journey from concept to cure in the medical world is often paved with challenges, and perhaps none are as daunting as the struggle to enroll patients in clinical trials.

In the realm of cancer research, where time is of the essence, on average, 25% of cancer trials fail to enroll enough patients, and a staggering 18% close with less than half of the target enrollment. The consequences are not just financial; they’re measured in lost opportunities to advance treatment and save lives.


The Patient Enrollment Conundrum

So, what’s behind this persistent challenge? One significant factor is the slow and cumbersome process of identifying eligible patients. Molecularly driven cancer clinical trials, for example, require rapid detection of specific mutations for enrollment. Yet, traditional laboratory methods are not only slow but also expensive, often requiring substantial tissue samples.

Drug Discovery with Imagenomix Predict:

We are passionate about revolutionizing the clinical trial landscape. Our innovative approach with IGX predict streamlines the patient recruitment process, ensuring trials get off the ground faster and with greater success rates by harnessing the power of AI.


Innovative AI Technologies: Our IGX Predict AI platforms analyze rich, multimodal patient data, revealing insights that accelerate the discovery of novel treatments.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We streamline the drug discovery process, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with bringing new drugs to market, particularly in oncology where the average cost can reach $2.6 billion.

Personalized Treatment Approaches: By understanding the unique biological markers and drug responses of individual patients, we tailor treatments to improve efficacy and reduce adverse effects.


  1. Enhanced Target Discovery: We utilize IGX Predict to delve into vast datasets, identifying potential drug targets that traditional methods may overlook.
  2. Optimized Drug Positioning: Our AI-driven analyses determine the best drug-patient matches, maximizing therapeutic benefits and minimizing risks.
  3. Innovative Clinical Trial Design: We design smarter, more effective clinical trials based on predictive models that assess drug efficacy and patient safety more accurately.


  • Up to 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines. Our AI-driven strategies help reduce these delays and improve the efficiency of patient recruitment.
  • We specialize in tissue-independent molecular profiling, crucial for patient stratification and optimizing clinical trial designs.
  • Through real-time, AI-based biomarker profiling, we can rapidly identify optimal therapeutic targets across various cancer types, enhancing treatment success rates.
  • Only 10% of drugs reach the market, often due to the complexities of identifying mutations in a timely manner. Our AI tools are crucial in overcoming these challenges.

Shape the Future

Partner with Imagenomix AI Pharma to leverage cutting-edge AI in your drug discovery and clinical trials. Together, we can create more effective, personalized treatments that meet the urgent needs of patients worldwide.

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